What I Learned in 2022: I Have ADHD

Dreamy, spacy, quirky. A Pisces, an airhead, an empath. Scattered, out-of-it, easily overwhelmed. Overemotional, hypersensitive, reactive. Na├»ve, spontaneous, immature. Not living up to potential. Anxious. Prone to depression. Quick to anger. A catastrophizer. Hypervigilant, paranoid, just off, different, floaty, makes mistakes, thinks outside the box, not serious, right-brained, fickle, head in the clouds, forgetful, intuitive,Continue reading “What I Learned in 2022: I Have ADHD”

Mentally I’m Here

It’s after midnight and I’m on a yellow dog moving slowly down a two-lane highway somewhere in West Texas. Everyone’s asleep except for me, the school bus driver, my coach, and the chaperone. Between the Smiths songs coming through my headphones, I can hear coach and chaperone speaking quietly to each other up front, inContinue reading “Mentally I’m Here”

The Top 13 Books I Read in 2020

I couldn’t bring myself to do my usual ‘Top 20 Things I Learned in 2020’ post because even though 2020 was pretty much non-stop No Exit-style epiphanies, fuck this year. Seriously, I’m so mad, I can’t even be in the same room as 2020. But, books? Why should my annual book list pay the toll?Continue reading “The Top 13 Books I Read in 2020”

10 Book Series to Disappear Into Until Further Notice

I have a long history of needing to be distracted. Chronic pain and health issues, anxiety disorder, depression. I’ve dealt with them all in various ways over the years and one thing I’ve learned is that distraction always ALWAYS helps. Yes, we need to work. Yes, we need to volunteer and march and donate andContinue reading “10 Book Series to Disappear Into Until Further Notice”