Current Obsessions Because Yay

A friend once described me as “apathetic.” I took this as a huge compliment because I’ve never had any chill at all. I’m a straight up spaz from way back. But you can’t be an apathetic spaz, right? If this guy thought I was apathetic, surely I was cool as hell and chill as fuck,Continue reading “Current Obsessions Because Yay”

The Top 15 Books I Read in 2015

One cool thing that happens as you get older is that you embrace your quirks, your manic tendencies. For example, I have to unpack everything the second I get home from a trip or I imagine I’ll, I dunno, explode or choke to death on mini-toiletries. I’m okay with this. I think it’s just swellContinue reading “The Top 15 Books I Read in 2015”

Summertime Rolls

I love summer. I do. Sorry, y’all. I love it despite the heat. I love it even though I can’t wear flannel and boots and knit hats. Well, actually, I wear boots anyway because I can’t stop. I’m wearing them now with a sundress. Damn, just who do I think I am? Clearly I thinkContinue reading “Summertime Rolls”

10 Ways I’m SO NOT A Grown-Up

I drink real cocktails and I even eat my vegetables, but I’m still sort-of emotionally stunted.  I’m still pretty much an immature baby person in a lot of ways.  (I have friends in their early 20s who have it WAY MORE together than I do.)  But, that’s okay because today I am owning it.  TodayContinue reading “10 Ways I’m SO NOT A Grown-Up”

10 Ways I Know I’m A Grown-Up

You ever have those moments of clarity where you’re like, yes, I am a ‘full-grown adult-type person’ now?  It’s pretty scary.  And, I’m not even talking about when you’re writing your mortgage check or paying your taxes.  Yeah, that’s very adult-y.  But, I’m talking about those other times.  The less obvious but more definite timesContinue reading “10 Ways I Know I’m A Grown-Up”