[…] What kind of nerd are you? I guess I’m a bunch of different types. Like, I’m a music nerd for sure and a bit of a Star Wars nerd and I guess maybe a vampire nerd if that’s a thing. It should be a thing. But at my core I’m a book nerd. I not only keep track of the books I read each year, I also participate in the Goodreads challenge and give myself little yearly assignments. I am my own professor each year and I freaking love it. THE POWER! So, yeah, I love reading and therefore I love this yearly post. I get to pick my 10 favorites, set goals for the next calendar year and give you guys recommendations. (If you couldn’t tell, I also love being bossy.) For even more recommendations, check out these lists from years past: 2015, 2014, 2013 and 2012. […]