everything is terrible hahaha

Posting through the apocalypse? Attractive but unsustainable. You can only make jokes about how everything is terrible, and the world is ending for so long. At some point it becomes *too much* and you gotta move on. It’s not that the world ISN’T ending or that everything has STOPPED being terrible, it’s that joking aboutContinue reading “everything is terrible hahaha”

What I Learned in 2022: I Have ADHD

Dreamy, spacy, quirky. A Pisces, an airhead, an empath. Scattered, out-of-it, easily overwhelmed. Overemotional, hypersensitive, reactive. Naïve, spontaneous, immature. Not living up to potential. Anxious. Prone to depression. Quick to anger. A catastrophizer. Hypervigilant, paranoid, just off, different, floaty, makes mistakes, thinks outside the box, not serious, right-brained, fickle, head in the clouds, forgetful, intuitive,Continue reading “What I Learned in 2022: I Have ADHD”

I SAW A REAL BUNNY: A Weekend Without My Phone

I think the bunny came around the forty hour mark. So, I was pretty unplugged by then. That might account for my level of excitement when Tim pointed out the tiny creature in the yard. But, I think it was more that I’d never seen a bunny in the wild. Well, except for jack rabbitsContinue reading “I SAW A REAL BUNNY: A Weekend Without My Phone”