What I Learned in 2022: I Have ADHD

Dreamy, spacy, quirky. A Pisces, an airhead, an empath. Scattered, out-of-it, easily overwhelmed. Overemotional, hypersensitive, reactive. Na├»ve, spontaneous, immature. Not living up to potential. Anxious. Prone to depression. Quick to anger. A catastrophizer. Hypervigilant, paranoid, just off, different, floaty, makes mistakes, thinks outside the box, not serious, right-brained, fickle, head in the clouds, forgetful, intuitive,Continue reading “What I Learned in 2022: I Have ADHD”

I SAW A REAL BUNNY: A Weekend Without My Phone

I think the bunny came around the forty hour mark. So, I was pretty unplugged by then. That might account for my level of excitement when Tim pointed out the tiny creature in the yard. But, I think it was more that I’d never seen a bunny in the wild. Well, except for jack rabbitsContinue reading “I SAW A REAL BUNNY: A Weekend Without My Phone”