I SAW A REAL BUNNY: A Weekend Without My Phone

I think the bunny came around the forty hour mark. So, I was pretty unplugged by then. That might account for my level of excitement when Tim pointed out the tiny creature in the yard. But, I think it was more that I’d never seen a bunny in the wild. Well, except for jack rabbitsContinue reading “I SAW A REAL BUNNY: A Weekend Without My Phone”


So, I was in the bathtub doing a little self-care (gigantic “crystal power” bath bomb, a glass of Chardonnay and the August issue of In Style magazine with Serena Williams on the cover) when I realized I was good and truly stressed out. Like, epically stressed out. Sometimes I don’t know until my body tellsContinue reading “MEGA-SIZED BATH BOMBS: A TALE OF STRESS”

WTF AM I DOING? (Part One)

I wrote a book. Actually, I wrote two books. A lot of you know this. I’ve mentioned it in passing. Or on Instagram. A lot of you know everything about me because you’ve been with me since Kendragarden.com. Or waaaay pre-Twitter like Drink Kendra Drink. Or Impersonals. Or, gawd, what was that first early 2000sContinue reading “WTF AM I DOING? (Part One)”

Your Pal Kendra Did Whole 30 and All You Got Was This Stupid Blog Post

If you know me in real life or if you follow me on practically any social media, you know I’ve been doing Whole 30. A common thing I’ve been asked over the last 30 days is “Why oh why are you doing this thing where you can’t have alcohol, sugar, chemicals, dairy, grains, legumes orContinue reading “Your Pal Kendra Did Whole 30 and All You Got Was This Stupid Blog Post”