A Decade With Hogan McSmalls

Ten years ago today I stood in a random vet’s office trying not to puke on the counter. I’d never been to this particular vet before but it smelled like all the others. It seemed nice enough. It was where the animal shelter sent all of its pets to be fixed before they were allowed toContinue reading “A Decade With Hogan McSmalls”

Hogie Yells and Eats Stuff

Well, as of yesterday, we’ve officially had the pleasure of Hogan McSmall’s company for nine years. I instagrammed a pic from when we first brought him home and it’s the first time in my entire life I’ve felt compelled to use the #blessed hashtag. (Don’t worry, I didn’t actually do it. I’m not that mushy.)Continue reading “Hogie Yells and Eats Stuff”

Update: Stuff is I Guess Happening or Whatever

Remember the morning announcements? Pretend I’m reading this from a teleprompter while wearing a red shirt with a collar and smiling too much while you’re passing notes or organizing your cool pencils in your badass Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle pencil box: In the last forty-eight hours I’ve consumed the following: peanut butter M&Ms, plain M&Ms,Continue reading “Update: Stuff is I Guess Happening or Whatever”

Hogies and Tigers and Dalmatians Oh My

Today is National Dog Day, which for our little family is sort-of like, well, any given Wednesday. At breakfast I asked Tim what we should do for Hogie and he shrugged. The dog already gets all the treats, all the toys and all the love but it’s a fair exchange because he gives us allContinue reading “Hogies and Tigers and Dalmatians Oh My”