The 10 Best Slutty Costumes Ever

I love Halloween.  One of my favorite parts of Halloween (after candy corn and horror flicks) is seeing grown women in slutty costumes.  It’s just so awesome.  The costumes have gotten ridiculous over the last few years and the more ludicrous the costume, the more I love it.  Last year I saw a slutty limeContinue reading “The 10 Best Slutty Costumes Ever”

The Subtext of Christmas Carols

I’ve been doing two things way too much lately:  listening to Christmas music and messing around on Twitter. The result is my take on Christmas carols in 140 characters or less. Santa, Baby:  I deserve a lot of expensive shit because I didn’t cheat on my man. Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer:  Reindeer suck unless they need something from you. JingleContinue reading “The Subtext of Christmas Carols”