10 Ways I’m SO NOT A Grown-Up

I drink real cocktails and I even eat my vegetables, but I’m still sort-of emotionally stunted.  I’m still pretty much an immature baby person in a lot of ways.  (I have friends in their early 20s who have it WAY MORE together than I do.)  But, that’s okay because today I am owning it.  TodayContinue reading “10 Ways I’m SO NOT A Grown-Up”

10 Ways I Know I’m A Grown-Up

You ever have those moments of clarity where you’re like, yes, I am a ‘full-grown adult-type person’ now?  It’s pretty scary.  And, I’m not even talking about when you’re writing your mortgage check or paying your taxes.  Yeah, that’s very adult-y.  But, I’m talking about those other times.  The less obvious but more definite timesContinue reading “10 Ways I Know I’m A Grown-Up”