Summertime Rolls

I love summer. I do. Sorry, y’all. I love it despite the heat. I love it even though I can’t wear flannel and boots and knit hats. Well, actually, I wear boots anyway because I can’t stop. I’m wearing them now with a sundress. Damn, just who do I think I am? Clearly I thinkContinue reading “Summertime Rolls”

Books, Ginger Ale & SO Much Star Wars

I was sick this weekend. Some sort of mild stomach bug that was really more of an annoyance than anything.  Because I didn’t want to give it to anyone and I wanted to kick it fast, I stayed in all weekend, lounging on the couch like Jabba the Hut. Oh man, I just pictured Jabba theContinue reading “Books, Ginger Ale & SO Much Star Wars”

Mistakes and Moscow Mules

Yesterday at brunch, I admitted to a friend that I’m a perfectionist. You wouldn’t be able to tell by looking at me (messy hair, Ewok keychain, confused expression) but I can be a little insufferable. I’m not an ‘apron over my pencil skirt’ type of perfectionist, I’m more of an ‘if I can’t do something well,Continue reading “Mistakes and Moscow Mules”

Breakfast Wars

My 6-year-old nephew is obsessed with two things: Star Wars and pancakes. He is also constantly asking “What if” questions. “Auntie Kendra, what if Hogie turned into a piece of toast?” “Uncle Tim, what if you turned into a really mean zombie?” So I guess it’s not that weird that over chocolate chip pancakes yesterdayContinue reading “Breakfast Wars”

If Morrissey Ruled the World: Popular Songs Mozified

Morrissey has had a hard time of it lately. Well, I mean, according to his music he’s always having a hard time of it but recently he’s had to deal with health issues on top of the world sucking and whatnot. Not gonna lie, I’m worried about the Moz. I thought maybe we should createContinue reading “If Morrissey Ruled the World: Popular Songs Mozified”

10 New Emoji Demands I Mean Suggestions

Someone asked what I’ve been up to and I was like, um, DUH, I’ve been doing what everyone is doing. Thinking about emojis. How many times have you tried to text a devil’s horns emoji only to have to settle for a fist emoji instead? It’s almost like abuse. How are we supposed to express ourselvesContinue reading “10 New Emoji Demands I Mean Suggestions”