16 Things I Learned In 2016

This is normally my favorite post of the year. Because despite my best efforts, I learn things every year and it’s fun to record them. Like in 2011, I learned 11 things and in 2012, I learned 12 and in 2013 I learned 13in 2014 I learned 14 and in 2015 I learned 15 things whoa.

This year I learned omg sixteen lessons that I will cherish forever.

  1. 2016 sucks.
  2. 2016 sucks.
  3. 2016 sucks.
  4. 2016 sucks.
  5. 2016 sucks.
  6. 2016 sucks.
  7. 2016 sucks.
  8. 2016 sucks.
  9. 2016 sucks.
  10. 2016 sucks.
  11. 2016 sucks.
  12. 2016 sucks.
  13. 2016 sucks.
  14. 2016 sucks.
  15. 2016 sucks.
  16. 2016 sucks.

Hahaha the learning!!

There’s a lot of talk about how 2017 is going to be worse but I don’t believe that. I believe we all learned all kinds of (real) lessons this year and we’ll use them in the year ahead to stand up for what we believe in. I think we’re ultimately gonna be okay, guys. Love to everyone and Happy New Year. Except you, 2016. You can show yourself out.



Published by Kendra Alvey

I love Ewoks, books, dogs, Ewoks, cocktails, concerts and long walks on the Ewoks.

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