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A friend once described me as “apathetic.” I took this as a huge compliment because I’ve never had any chill at all. I’m a straight up spaz from way back. But you can’t be an apathetic spaz, right? If this guy thought I was apathetic, surely I was cool as hell and chill as fuck, right?

Yeah, yeah, sure. I wish.

I’m not apathetic and I never have been no matter what my friend said. Maybe he meant the opposite. Maybe he was being sarcastic. If anything, I care too much; I get too excited. I’m always geeking out over something. And right now I’m obsessing about several things. I should probably keep these things to myself but screw it. Just gonna share with you guys and we can spaz out together. In a very chill way, of course.

  1. Lucy Pocket Capri Legging: As I type this, I’m regretting telling you about these. I should order myself a pair in the other 2 colors before I go blabbing about how great they are. YOU’RE WELCOME. They’re perfect for yoga or for hiking/walking/spinning. I like them because  I do a lot of walking around outside so I need pockets for my keys, iphone and latte money. These have a pocket on the side that fits an iphone 6 perfectly and a discreet little pocket at the waist where you can stash a ten dollar bill and your house keys. I’m in love.
  2. Slash by Slash: Slash’s autobiography has me FREAKING OUT, y’all. He’s funny, forthright and seems to remember everything. He spills his guts and it’s glorious and somehow relatable even though he’s one of the biggest rock stars on the planet. Swoon, man. Swoon.
  3. Lore Podcast: This is my new jam. Tim turned me onto it. “It’s spooky and weird; you’ll like it,” he said and he was right. I’ve been avidly listening to it as I go on those long rambling walks wearing those Lucy pocket leggings. It’s a podcast about scary true stories. The host/producer is a horror writer named Aaron Mahnke, whose voice was made to tell scary stories around a campfire. Now I’m craving s’mores.
  4. L’oreal Studio Secrets Professional Magic Perfecting Base: I’m exhausted from typing that but it’s worth it. This stuff is the shit. I like Benefit Porefessional as much as the next girl but, trust me, this is cheaper and it works better. You put it on under your tinted moisturizer and suddenly you look like you got some sleep last night and didn’t stay up half the night thinking about that scary podcast you listened to the day before.
  5. Argo Teappuccino: I will go out of my way to grab that carton of almond milk we need from the one grocery store near me that carries this yummy drink. Then I’m like, “Oh I just saw these in the beverage aisle and accidentally bought thirty of them, oops!” I like the Earl Grey the best but they’re all super good. I figure they’re probably better for me than the Oprah Chai Latte at Starbucks which contains 8,000 calories, 30 tons of sugar and the souls of countless kittens.
  6. Screw-top wine: My criteria for buying a bottle of wine these days is: does it have a screw-top, is it under $12 and do the nice folks at my local Trader Joe’s recommend it? If it meets all these specifications, it’s going in the cart. The recommendations are usually good. Plus, ugh with the corks, you know? I don’t want to work, I just want to drink. The idea is that I’ll drink one glass a night and store it in the fridge in between. Sometimes this actually happens too.

Those are my obsessions/recommendations right now. I hope you try one or many of these and get so much joy out of it that you’re like: OH WOW I AM GETTING SO MUCH JOY OUT OF THIS! Happy weekend, TGIF, have a nice day and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.



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