Downward Facing Hogie

This morning I had the best yoga experience of my life. This is saying a lot. I’ve been practicing yoga since 2001 and I even got certified to teach in 2007. I don’t know how many amazing yoga classes I’ve been to in my life but it’s a pretty high number. I’ve been lucky. But, this morning was better than all of that. Because Hogie joined me.

I’ve seen photos of adorable pooches doing downward facing dog with their owners, of course. I know that this type of thing occurs. It’s just that it doesn’t occur with my dog. My adorable pooch is my favorite thing in the whole world but he’s also, um, different. He’s aloof and standoffish. He’s a groaner, not a lover. We’ve had him for a decade and he’s been consistently chill on the PDA. It’s just how he’s built, maybe because he’s a rescue (NamaSTRAY LOL) or maybe because his soul listens to Morrissey. I don’t know. All I know is that when I looked over to see Hogan McSmalls doing a down dog right next to mine this morning, my heart hurt a little. He’s never shown any interest in yoga but maybe he’s been influenced by Instagram or by all the people carrying yoga mats around East L.A. Next he’ll be juicing kale and talking about the benefits of kombucha.

He’s in a cone this week because he’s been chewing at a spot on his butt, like ya do. The vet says it’s allergies so I get to give him Benadryl at night and spray his butt with medicine-y stuff a few times a day. He’s been moping around the house and sighing. But, there he was, yoga-ing it up. After he executed a perfect down dog, I told him he was a good boy and expected him to saunter off. But, he didn’t. He plopped down at the end of my mat and hung out for my entire practice, licking my face every time a pose brought me to that end of the mat. I did a lot of one-armed stuff so I could scratch him. It was awesome.

Seriously, everyone should practice yoga with a dog at the end of their mat. After we were done working out, I rewarded myself with a granola bar and I rewarded Hogie with all the treats.

Cheers & Namaste, folks!

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