Summertime Rolls

I love summer. I do. Sorry, y’all. I love it despite the heat. I love it even though I can’t wear flannel and boots and knit hats. Well, actually, I wear boots anyway because I can’t stop. I’m wearing them now with a sundress. Damn, just who do I think I am? Clearly I think I’m someone who names a blog after an old Jane’s Addiction song while wearing boots in August.

Anyway, I thought I’d list some things that are delighting and inspiring me this summer. For fun’s sake!

Here we go:


Yay Moscow Mules!

I mean, duh. But, the thing is, I have the skinny on how to make a killer one. Wanna know? OK, here we go (courtesy that drink -making genius dude I’m married to):

Fill a cup (copper or otherwise, seriously who cares?) with:

1 shot vodka (preferably Tito’s)

1/2 shot FruitLab Ginger Liquor (or any ginger liquor if you can’t find FruitLab)

A good squeeze of lime juice

Fill cup with ice to top.

Finish filling with a good strong ginger beer like Fever-Tree or Bundaberg and garnish with a lime.



The Magicians Trilogy by Lev Grossman: Like if Harry Potter went to college in the real world.

Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Coast Trail by Cheryl Strayed: Girl power on crack.

The Martian by Andy Weir: Holy shit, this book is crazy. Science!

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline: Like if Ender’s Game and The Matrix had a baby who was super into 80s nostalgia.


Feeling Ok by Best Coast because HELL YEAH:

Dreams by Beck because I can’t stop dancing.

Heaven is a Place on Earth by Belinda Carlisle because ooooh, baby, 80s!


Spy: Everyone in this film is a fucking joy but omg Jason Statham.

Mad Max: Fury Road: When I went to see this, I thought I’d be all SWOON TOM HARDY but I came out of it like SWOON CHARLIZE THERON.

Trainwreck: Two words: LeBron James. Oh, you want four more words? Fine: Tilda Swinton is a goddess. The leads are good too.

Clothes-speration: (that didn’t really work but whatev, it’s hot)

I’ve been living in jorts and maxi dresses and I fully support this. It’s hot, you guys. We should all be in jorts. Jorts forever.

OK, those are my inspirations. Hope they inspire you too and I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer!



*photo of flowers by meeeeeee.

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