10 Ways I Know I’m A Grown-Up

You ever have those moments of clarity where you’re like, yes, I am a ‘full-grown adult-type person’ now?  It’s pretty scary.  And, I’m not even talking about when you’re writing your mortgage check or paying your taxes.  Yeah, that’s very adult-y.  But, I’m talking about those other times.  The less obvious but more definite times when you know unequivocally that you’re (gulp) a freaking grown-up.

Sooo, today’s list is:  10 Ways I Know I’m A Grown-Up  (Cue the Golden Girls theme song.)

1) The other day a bunch of Jr. High kids ran across the street in front of our car.  Tim said, “There’s a crosswalk right there!” in an ‘old dude from Up‘ voice and I NODDED!

2) There are no spandex dresses in my closet anymore.  Well, maybe there’s one.  I don’t know, okaay? But, I only wear band tees like one day a week now and I don’t own ANYTHING Hello Kitty anymore! Oh, except that one pair of panties.  What I’m trying to say is that I dress like an adult, you guys.  Mostly. Lay off!

3) I eat my vegetables without expecting dessert or a toy.  I eat ’em up.

4) Last week I took a vitamin.  I did.  It was probably a one time thing but STILL.

5) A girl cut in front of me in the line for the bar at a concert and I didn’t pull her hair OR spill anything down her back.

6) I drink real cocktails.  I can’t remember the last time I had a Long Island Iced Tea or any drink named after a Nickelodeon character or a sexual position.

7) I now adhere to a strict ‘Don’t take random pills strangers give you at parties’ policy.

8) Sometimes I go to bed before midnight and I, you know, sleep and stuff.

9) I own many shoes that are not super high heels or Converse high-tops.  I wear these shoes.  It’s totally crazy!

10)  There are only three toys on my desk.  Right now.  At this exact moment, there are only three toys on my desk.

*Photo by me.  Of my toys.  Of three of my toys.

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